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Connecting To The Internet

Using Dial-Up, Shared Access, and DSL To Connect To The Internet

The Internet is comprised of multiple worldwide networks tied together by a common protocol, TCP/IP. It allows millions of people to communicate globally. Using the Internet, you can upload and download files, access information, publish text and images, research and review materials, and trade in both goods and services. It is a business tool for many companies, particularly those doing E-commerce.

Connecting to the Internet is easy and inexpensive. Commercial online services provide Internet access for around $20 per month. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer dialup and shared access connections for a range of prices based on a range of line speeds.

For hardware, you can make a dialup connection with a modem attached to one computer, or a router attached your local-area network, allowing multiple users to access the Internet. You can use a modem if your business has only a few users or computers. But, there are limitations to this: only one person can use a modem at any given time. Using a single router is better since it can provide a shared-access solution, accommodating multi-users with simultaneous connections to the Internet. You will also need a browser such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer (these are programs that link you to websites on the Internet).

Dial Up Access

Shared Access

ADSL Networking

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