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The Facts About Satellite Internet

Deciding on Satellite Internet for your broadband needs requires that you know the facts beforehand. Otherwise, you may realize too late that a different alternative would have been more appropriate. Below are five of these important facts:

  1. Satellite Internet comes in two varieties. Early Satellite Internet only provided one-way service to subscribers. This type of service meant that the user kept a traditional dial-up modem in order to access the Internet but all web page requests and downloads were handled by the separate satellite modem. Now two-way systems are also available. In a two-way system, you no longer need the dial-up modem. Instead, your satellite modem handles both uploads and downloads. One-way systems are typically less expensive than the two-way variety and may be more readily available.

  2. Satellite Internet downloads faster than dial-up. No matter which type of service you choose, download speeds with satellite Internet are significantly higher than with a standard 56K modem. In fact, you can see speeds ranging from 400 Kbps to 1.5 Mbps, which means you could download a song or a large file in only 1-2 minutes, perhaps even less. With a 56K modem, it may take as much as 20-30 minutes or longer.

  3. Satellite Internet is one of the more expensive broadband options. Because it requires you to purchase expensive equipment, Satellite Internet does include a rather high up-front cost. You will need to buy and install the satellite dish and modem. You may also want to pay extra for professional installation. In addition, you will need to pay a monthly service fee to your provider. Also, if you are using a one-way service, you will need to pay for a dial-up ISP provider. You can save money by taking advantage of special offers from the providers, such as receiving the dish for free if you sign up for a certain period of service.

  4. Satellite Internet is available almost everywhere. While it does cost more, the real advantage of Satellite Internet is that it is available to almost everyone. Unlike Cable or DSL, which require a pre-installed and complex infrastructure to provide service, Satellite Internet does not so it can even be used in rural areas or small cities which lack the means to get other forms of broadband. The only requirement you need to meet in order to receive Satellite Internet is an unobstructed view of the southern sky.

  5. Satellite Internet does require extra equipment. Whether you choose a one-way or two-way service, you will need to purchase both a satellite dish and a satellite modem. These are sold by the service provider you choose. If you choose to install the dish yourself, you will also need to purchase a self-install kit. With one-way service you will also need a dial-up modem if your computer does not already have one installed.

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